About the instructor

Since July, 2022, Eric Grunwald has been director of English Language Studies (ELS) at MIT, which offers courses in academic and professional writing, speaking, listening, and pronunciation to undergraduates and graduate students. He also designed and teaches the course "Imagining English: Creative Writing for Bilingual Students" (21W.240), a sheltered course guiding second-language students in the writing of fiction and poetry in English. He has taught at MIT since 2012 and before that taught at Boston University, Roxbury Community Collegem, and Suffolk University, where he also taught American literature and fiction writing.

In addition to graduate coursework in applied linguistcis, Grunwald holds a Master's in creative writing and has published short stories, book reviews, and translations. He is now concentrating on writing poetry, however, wanting to earn more money from his writing. (That last part is a joke.) His creative work can be viewed at www.ericgrunwald.com.